Zhang Mu appeared in the centre of a large hall.


【Welcome to the Demon King Game! 】


【Total number of game players in this round: 10 billion! 】


【Players will be divided into “Hero Camp” or “Demon King Camp”! 】


【You have been matched as “Demon King”, please keep in mind the following points! 】


Death will disqualify you from the game! 】


Clearance conditions: Completely rule or destroy an empire-level national power.


After the game is cleared in this round, you can make the following choices: return to the real world, stay in this world, and challenge a more advanced world! 】


The game has a three-day protection period.
After the three-day protection period ends, the Hero players will be able to sense the demon king players within a certain range.


【5, As a demon king, you will always face the crusade from Heroes, adventurers, legions, or threats from other demon king forces.
If you do not have enough strength, please be sure to develop in a low-key manner! 】




【Please select the bloodline of the Demon King you want to merge within 10 minutes! 】


After Zhang Mu understood this information.


He felt some disbelief.


“I have crossed over!”


“It's not just me!”


“Hundreds of millions and even more humans have crossed over!”


“We passively participated in a game of demon kings and Heroes.
I was matched with the demon king camp, and now I have to choose my own demon king bloodline…”


This is indeed unbelievable, but it is not completely unacceptable to him who is a transmigrator who has experienced a transmigration once.


Zhang Mu glanced over.


Countless giant eggs floated before my eyes.


The dome contains the blood of the Demon King.


Players must choose one to fuse.


This was crucial choice


It's about the development of the early and mid-term!


But the dome looks exactly the same.


There is no difference in appearance!


The selection time is limited again.


Same as a lottery draw.


Just when you're depressed.


Zhang Mu's vision changed strangely.


A pale golden message box appeared next to the dome.


[Slime (Demon Lord)], A low-level Demon Lord species, can be reincarnated into a Slime Demon Lord after fusion, and can activate the talent of the water system…
It is too weak in the early stage, and it is not recommended to choose.


[Kobold (Demon King Clan)], A low-level Demon King species, can be reincarnated into a Kobold Demon King after fusion, and can activate the scouting talent…
Weak in the early stage, it is not recommended to choose.


“What's going on? I can see the hidden information?”


Zhang Mu was overjoyed.


Couldn't think too much about it.


The giant egg attributes are clear at a glance!


Zhang Mu grabbed the right bloodline.


[Goblin (Demon King)], a low-level Demon King…


[Goblin (Demon Lord)], a low-level Demon Lord species…


[Spider-kin (Demon Clan)], a low-level demon species…


Hell, although there are thousands of demon king bloodlines in the hall, and most of them are different, but almost all of them are low-level demon kings.


Bloodlines are the starting point!


Without a strong bloodline how can one become a powerful Demon King?


[Blood Orcs], A medium Demon King…


[Black Elf], A medium Demon King…


[Evil Spirit], A medium demon king…


The blood of the middle-level demon king looks pretty good, and it is obviously much stronger than the low-level demon king.


No rush.


There is still time.


Look for it again.


Another thousand giant eggs screened.


[Bloody Giant], A high-level Demon King…
It is recommended to choose.


[Eight-Eyed Spider Demon], A high-level Demon King…
It is recommended to choose.


Advanced Demon King Bloodline!


Stronger potential and more room for growth!


It can crush 99.9% of the devil players at the starting line.


Which one to choose?


No, I can't choose right now!


There is still more than a minute left, I can't give up other potential options, maybe there are better options!


Zhang Mu raced against time,


He continues to collect hints.


Thirty seconds, twenty seconds, ten seconds…


A huge, unobtrusive egg located in the middle of a corner caught his eye.


[Abyss Giant Dragon King (Demon King Clan)], A rare type of Demon King, which can be reincarnated into Abyss Dragon King after fusion.
This is an extremely powerful and rare type of Demon King.
It has two forms of dragon man and devil dragon, can activate magic immunity, lightning, fire and other talents…
Highly recommended!


“I choose you!”


There was no hesitation.


After Zhang Mu made a choice.


The giant egg released a strong light.


Zhang Mu was enveloped in a beam of light, and his body changed rapidly, turning into a giant dragon with a body length of about ten meters.


This giant dragon, every scale is dark gold, like an innate armor, making people feel invulnerable.


“Is this the demonization?”


Zhang Mu looked at his sharp claws and giant wings.


There is no discomfort at all, but instead, I can feel that every cell in the body has been injected with terrifying energy.


At this moment.


Zhang Mu developed a sense of confidence.


He felt that he was enough to soar through the universe and destroy the world.


Of course, this kind of confidence is an illusion of skyrocketing power, but it also shows how powerful the current strength is…
This feeling is intoxicating, the game doesn't seem that bad!


【Player demonization is completed, please log in to the game officially! 】


The next second.


Eight doors of light appeared in front of him.


Eight doors that lead to eight different areas.


This is another opportunity for players to choose.

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