“How do we deal with them?” The masked man asked politely.


Looking at the servants dressed as women with contempt in his eyes, Cadric said, “Kill them all.”


The male servants dressed as women screamed and shouted for help as soon as he finished his words.
Louismond knew better than anyone else that it was ticking Cadric’s nerves more. 


Stop it!’


His face turned white and he staggered backwards, but he had done so while they were being tied up one after another. 




Cadric frowned and cut the throat of a servant in front of him as if demonstrating.
That servant was, of course, Louismond.




Louismond couldn’t even beg him to spare his life and died like that.
And when he opened his eyes again, 


“Fufu, Louis.”


Naturally, in front of him was the Countess of Illencia.
She smiled mischievously and sat down on him.




‘Again? I  am back?’


His neck was fine.
There was no crack, and no blood was gushing out. 


“How can you be so beautiful! Ah, Louismond, don’t be afraid.
This will be a fun play.
You don’t have to do anything.
You just have to stay still, and leave everything to me.” Countess Illencia whispered sweetly as she stroked Louismond’s chest. 


In his first, second, and even his seventh life, he heard the same words.
How can it be the same without missing a single word? He realized that this was his eighth life thanks to Countess Illencia. 


Seven times – not once or twice, but seven times – he died seven times.
And his eighth life started again. 


Louismond closed his eyes tightly and bowed his head.


“Goodness, you’re shy.”


Countess Illencia’s voice reaching his ear was no longer terrifying.
He already heard it over and over again – not once, but for the eighth time – so it wasn’t terrifying at all. 


“That’s right, stay still.” She grinned as she raised Louismond’s chin. 


Her rose-scented lotion approached him.
The moment he smelled her scent, Louismond let go of his reason he had barely held on for seven lives, “Stop.
Stop it now.”


“Huh?” Countess Illencia looked down at Louismond’s face as if looking at a kitten’s face.
It was said that a cat has nine lives, but Louismond wasn’t just a kitten, but a cat who had already lost eight lives. 


Louismond shouted in annoyance, for her to think that he wasn’t just throwing a tantrum, “Please stop!”


“… What?”


“You want to do this to me, who is younger than your son? Don’t do it, don’t! Do you know how  many times it has been already?”


He pushed Countess Illencia who was sitting on top of him.
He didn’t push her that hard, but enough to grab both her shoulders and lean back. 


His hands lost strength when he saw Countess Illencia seriously injured in his fourth life.
Fortunately, the Countess was pushed aside by that alone. 


“Kyaah!” She screamed as her buttocks hit the floor.
“Lo-Louis?” The Countess reached out to grab Louismond. 


Before her hand could reach Louismond, he got up and took a step back.
“Do not come near me.
Don’t touch me.
I didn’t give you any permission.”


It was the first time – the first time he directly rejected her.
He was always either just overcoming the pain or running away.
There wasn’t a time he had shown he hated it openly.
It was until he was living his eighth life that he became completely despondent and said whatever came to his mind. 


“Wh-what?” Countess Illencia’s face turned white.
As someone who had no recollection of their past seven lives, she was ashamed that she was rejected by someone who had never rejected her before. 


“I won’t stand still if you harass me like this again.”


“Wh-what can y-you can do!” Countess Illencia was a well-known woman in the nobility.
She calmed herself down immediately as she looked down at Louismond who dared threaten her, “I am a longtime friend of Count Graham, and I am an influential person in the high society – ”


“So, you’re saying that everyone will believe you and not my words.” Louismond smirked and chuckled.
It wasn’t a laugh – it was an empty laugh


Countess Illencia frowned when she saw that.
He was an innocent child who had yet to have his coming-of-age ceremony.
A child who couldn’t avoid when someone sneaks up and rubs his cheek, but would only turn his head and blush. 


He was only swallowing saliva this whole time, but he suddenly grabbed her and attacked her today. 


‘In a day, no, in less than an hour, you became like a different person.’


He opened his tired eyes that looked like it was the eighth time of her life, and said that rudely.  


The Countess of Illencia doubted that she was dreaming.


Louismond then told her like driving out a wedge – no, he warned her, “I am Louismond Fen Lux Amel von Graham.
My father is the ruler of Aden Kingdom, and my mother is Count Graham’s daughter.
My name tells just who my parents were.
I will bring you to court with my name.”


“Wh-what do you mean!”


“Half of the blood flowing inside is of the Imperial Family.
You tried to taint my body, with the Imperial Family’s blood running inside me, since I had yet to have my coming-of-age ceremony.
I will confess to the court and ask the King to make a decision.”


“…!” The Countess of Illencia’s face turned white.


It doesn’t matter whether the King favored his illegitimate child who resembled him or he didn’t care about him.
The King’s illegitimate child accuses Count Illencia in the Royal Court? Count Illencia would be a ceremonial offering to the blood-crazed tyrant. 


Will the tyrant kill his spoiled illegitimate child, or punish Countess Illencia for molesting the King’s illegitimate child? It would obviously be the latter. 


Because he loved his illegitimate child? No way, because Count Illencia was needed less than Count Graham.
It would be more fun destroying Count Illencia’s family than killing his illegitimate child. 


“H-how can you! Th-then, you think y-you will be safe?” 


“I will 




“Countess, I hate to die.
It was terrible.
But if I was going to die anyway, I don’t think it would be that bad if I hold onto someone like you and die together.
I think I wouldn’t die with beheading if I die like that.” Louismond’s dark eyes gleamed with madness. 


Countess Illencia retreated backward unconsciously.
Far from daring to touch him, Louismond looked at Countess Illencia struggling to move further away from him. Haha, he laughed. 


‘I was afraid of such a woman.
I suffered from  being swayed by a woman like this.’


He was disappointed.
He didn’t even want to say anything childish to her like don’t come near him in the future, nor be careful from now on.
Louismond turned his back on Countess Illencia. 


“L-Louis, wait a minute!”


A nickname that was never allowed was called.
But it was no longer scary or terrifying.


She could no longer mean anything to Louismond. 


It wasn’t a high and big wall that couldn’t be crossed, but a stone beak that could be crossed by stepping on it and standing up.
He was simply tripping over the stone beak and fell on the floor in his past lives.
Although his knee was a little sore, it wasn’t enough pain to shake his life.
He just realized that – after dying seven times. 


Louismond leapt into the mansion.
The mansion employees were terrified when they saw Louismond. 


“Young Master?”


“What happened, Young Master?”


“No, what happened to your clothes….”


Servants and maids rushed in.


They didn’t even show their noses to support him, but where were they coming from now that they came to him flocking as a group? A situation that he wouldn’t consider strange before felt very  awkward now.
Louismond’s memory of living as a servant of a pervert nobleman in his seventh life widened his view. 


‘It was like that.’


Was it you who knew as much as you see? That knowledge is power? 


‘They didn’t even come close to me when they received money from the Countess behind  my back.
I  can’t believe they were pretending to be worried about me.’ 


From the owner of this mansion, the Count, to the servants and maids, no one here was on his side – no one cared for him.
They were just thinking about how to use him.
He realized that his eyes were no longer warm.  


“Don’t come to me.
Don’t chase me.
No one is allowed to enter my room.”

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