Lu Jingshen was indeed drunk, but not to the extent of being unable to recognize the person in front of him, whose words were flirty and behavior despicable.
Being trapped within Feng Si’s grasp, every breath he took was filled with the scorching heat emanating from the other man.
Lu Jingshen felt uncomfortable, as his body screamed for release, defying his will and even trembling at the slightest touch from Feng Si’s fingers.

However, Feng Si simply smiled and enjoyed the sight of Lu Jingshen’s exposed emotions.
His hand, touching Lu Jingshen’s crotch through the fabric, teased lightly, as if everything was under his control.
He was composed and relaxed, completely at ease.

Lu Jingshen tilted his head back, his body pressed against the wall.
As Feng Si’s hand lifted his shirt, flesh against flesh, his breathing escaped his lips, unable to be suppressed any longer.

The hand that had held guns and flown planes was now pressing against Lu Jingshen’s side.
It caressed him without restraint, as if touching a cherished collectible.

Lu Jingshen felt hot, unsure if it was due to the warmth in Feng Si’s palm or the fire igniting within his body.

He heard the metallic sound of Feng Si undoing his belt.

In public, Lu Jingshen was always well-dressed, serious, and strict.
The suit he wore concealed the restlessness and desires within his body.
But now, Feng Si was personally removing it from him.

The wrinkled shirt, left hanging on him, had all its buttons undone, revealing an even more seductive and pleasing sight, perfectly aligned with Feng Si’s despicable intentions.

When Feng Si grasped him and continued stroking his crotch, Lu Jingshen’s breathing suddenly intensified.
With reddened eyes, he stared at Feng Si, who was smiling with increasing mockery.
But in return, he received even more shameless actions.

Lu Jingshen’s mind went blank.
The stimulation his body experienced exceeded his limits.
He tightly covered his mouth with one hand, barely managing to suppress the unbearable sounds.

Feng Si’s eyes fixed on his, full of interest and a mix of desire and fury, causing a layer of mist to cover Lu Jingshen’s black pupils.
The corner of his eyes revealed a captivating and provocative meaning.

It was those very eyes that had Feng Si hooked.
But just as he had grown addicted, that person left him.

There would be no second chance for him.

Lu Jingshen had completely surrendered to his desires, almost stripped bare and helpless.
Yet, Feng Si remained calm from beginning to end, with his clothes still intact on his body.

At the moment of release, Lu Jingshen bit down on his own hand with force and closed his eyes, unwilling to look at him anymore.

The person who caressed him all over stepped back, and Lu Jingshen took deep breaths, listening to the sound of running water.

His eyelashes trembled slowly, and as he opened his eyes, he saw Feng Si leaning against the sink, turning on the water.

The water flowed, gently washing over Feng Si’s slender fingers, taking away the traces of their encounter.
Lu Jingshen could only glance at it for a moment before feeling a burning sensation, causing him to avert his gaze.

After a while, the sound of water ceased.
Lu Jingshen looked up and saw Feng Si turning around, smiling at him with an ambiguous expression.

Though his rational self felt disgust, it couldn’t suppress the instinctive response of his body.
He had tasted a hint of pleasure, but it was far from satisfying.
It wasn’t enough.


The next day was Saturday, and Lu Jingshen woke up promptly at 7 a.m.

He went to the gym first thing in the morning, and when Feng Si arrived, Lu Jingshen was already jogging on the treadmill.
He didn’t turn around at the sound of footsteps.

Feng Si stopped behind him, his gaze tracing the shape of Lu Jingshen’s ass.
It wasn’t until Lu Jingshen stepped down from the treadmill that Feng Si lazily spoke, “Getting up early on a Saturday too?”

Lu Jingshen only responded with, “What about you?.”

He originally had a social engagement scheduled for that morning, but after Feng Si helped him organize his schedule and canceled it directly, he was fortunate enough to have a completely free weekend.

Lu Jingshen’s attitude seemed even more distant, avoiding mentioning what happened last night.

Feng Sì didn’t say much either, just reminding him to have breakfast.

While eating, Feng Sì casually asked if Lu Jingshen was going out later but he replied indifferently, “Didn’t you hear yesterday?”

Feng Sì asked, “Are you going to your parents’ house?”

Lu Jingshen nodded, “You can take the day off today.”

Feng Sì smiled, “Take a day off? Isn’t my job 24/7?”

Lu Jingshen frowned instinctively, “Didn’t you say you hated workaholics?.”

Feng Sì teased, “I don’t mind.
Since I have nothing to do, why don’t you take me along for a free meal, Mr.

“My mom is celebrating her birthday, and it’s not convenient to bring outsiders.”

After saying this, Lu Jingshen lowered his head and continued eating.

Feng Sì looked at him, the smile fading from his face, but he didn’t dwell on the matter further.

After breakfast, Lu Jingshen went back to his room to read, but his mind wasn’t focused.
Hearing the sound of the door closing from the entrance, he glanced at his watch—it was just 9 o’clock in the morning.

Feng Sì had already left ahead of him.
While changing clothes, Lu Jingshen got lost in thought for a moment.
In the end, he also left early and drove to his mom’s house alone.

Lu’s villa was located in the central area near the lake, a quiet place amidst the busy city.
However, the three siblings had all moved out to live on their own, and they only returned home for a meal on weekends.

It took him half an hour to drive there.
When he got out of the car, he saw his younger brother, Lu Chixie, in the front yard, giving a bath to the dog their mother raised.
He was with his boyfriend.

Lu Chixie rolled up his sleeves, squatting on the ground.
He looked up and was somewhat surprised to see Lu Jingshen.
He raised two fingers and waved playfully, greeting him, “Big busy man, you came early today.”

His boyfriend, Ling Zhuo, stood up and respectfully called Lu Jingshen, “Brother Shen.”

Lu Jingshen nodded lightly, then went inside.

An Xin was arranging flowers in the living room.
When she saw her eldest son return, she smiled and said, “You rarely come back earlier than your sister.”

Lu Jingshen walked over and sat down, asking her, “How is Dad’s health?”

An Xin replied, “The same as usual.
Just constantly tired.”

Since Lu Fu underwent heart surgery two years ago, his health had declined.
Although he still held the position of chairman in the company, he rarely got involved unless it was a major issue.
He left most of the company matters to Lu Jingshen and his sister.

Lu Jingshen also reminded An Xin, “You should also take more rest.”

An Xin smiled, acknowledging her son’s concern.
Among her three children, Lu Jingshen was the most introverted, but when it came to thoughtfulness and attentiveness, Lu Jingqing and Lu Chixie were no match for him.

“Shen, you should also take care of yourself.
Don’t always overwork.
Find time to date.
You’re the only one still single at home” An Xin teased her son, but Lu Jingshen changed the subject directly, “Is Dad in the study? I want to talk to him about something.”

After Lu Jingshen left, An Xin shook her head helplessly.
She hoped that Lu Jingshen would become more open to people, but it seemed difficult for him.

At half-past eleven, Lu Jingqing arrived with her boyfriend, and Lu Jingshen and Lu Fu came out of the study.
Lu Jingqing, who was in the middle of talking to An Xin, paused for a moment, her gaze shifting between Lu Jingshen and Lu Fu, lost in thought.

Just then, Lu Chixie entered and asked, “Can we start eating now that everyone is here?”

An Xin smiled and said, “Yes, let’s sit down.”

Although it was a birthday celebration, it was only their immediate family.

Lu Jingqing’s boyfriend was an elite investment banker, a talented graduate from a prestigious university with an average family background.
He relied on his own abilities to achieve success and met Lu Jingqing in the business field.
They ended up being together.
He was good looking and had a pleasant personality—gentle, humble, and low-key.
Lu Fu adored him.

Lu Chixie and his boyfriend, Ling Zhuo, both worked in the entertainment industry.
Their family had no bias against this since An Xin herself was a famous actress back then.
However, they were public figures and their relationship was not publicly announced, being a same-sex couple.
But An Xin liked Ling Zhuo, and their whole family had accepted their relationship.

Although Lu Jingshen didn’t approve of it.

Subconsciously, Lu Jingshen believed that such a relationship was unstable, extremely troublesome, and would have negative effects on both of them.

Therefore, he didn’t support their relationship, although he wouldn’t interfere directly.

As for himself, he couldn’t control his base desires, but rationally, he didn’t want to accept himself in this way.

Everyone at the dining table was cheerful and lively, except for Lu Jingshen, who hardly spoke.
It was only when Lu Chixie suddenly asked him, “Brother, can I borrow your private jet for a few days?”

He smiled and pointed to himself and Ling Zhuo, saying, “We’re starting our vacation in a couple of days and plan to go to an island nation in the South Pacific.”

Lu Jingshen replied, “Sure.”

Lu Jingqing spontaneously asked, “Can your new assistant fly them too? Isn’t he the pilot of your private jet?”

“What new assistant?” Lu Chixie was curious.
“Your pilot is your assistant?” Lu Jingqing teased, “Brother, are you being stingy? How can one person serve two roles?”

Lu Jingqing continued jokingly, “If you keep talking like this, Shen will think twice about lending you the plane.”

They bantered back and forth, and Lu Jingshen finally said, “I’ll talk to him about it.”

With that, the conversation moved on, and there was no further mention of Feng Sì.
It was evident that Lu Jingshen didn’t intend to discuss the matter with his family.

Lu Jingshen spent the whole day there.
After dinner and a cup of tea with Lu Fu, he drove back to Mingyue Bay.

There was no one in the house, and Feng Sì hadn’t returned yet.

He took a shower and looked at some documents on his laptop for a while.
When it was past 11 o’clock and he was about to go to sleep, he felt thirsty and got up to pour a glass of water from the dining room’s water dispenser.

As he turned around, he heard some movement from the entrance—the sound of Feng Sì opening the door and entering.

Even without turning on the lights, Lu Jingshen could tell it was Feng Sì getting in.
In the darkness, he had a mix of cigarette, alcohol, and perfume scents.
He walked towards the dining area.

The light from outside briefly illuminated the ceiling and walls before disappearing.
Feng Sì had already spotted the person standing by the water dispenser, squinting his eyes.

He walked over, approaching Lu Jingshen in the darkness, and chuckled lightly, “What are you doing here in the middle of the night? Trying to catch someone in the act?”

Lu Jingshen ignored him, coldly remarking, “Don’t mess up the house,” before turning and going back to his room.

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