Coming out of the banquet hall, next to the main entrance, there was a VIP elevator for guests that went directly to the floor where WangTai’s suite was located.

Yang Shiyu retrieved his own phone and other belongings from the locker without saying a word, and held Jin Zhou by the waist as they entered the elevator.

The elevator was a high-rise sightseeing elevator, with a busy black and gold night scene outside and soft music flowing inside.

Although there was no one else in the small space, there were clearly visible cameras on the ceiling.
Jin Zhou, dressed in a cheongsam, still couldn’t relax.

Yang Shiyu seemed to also be mindful of  the cameras.
He didn’t take off his mask or speak to Jin Zhou.

The two stood silently, waiting for the elevator to reach their floor.
Yang Shiyu kept his eyes on the numbers on the elevator panel, while Jin Zhou leaned against the handrail, tilting his head to admire the view outside the window.

The tempered glass was like a transparent canvas, with a backdrop of an endless urban night scene, and the protagonist was the cheongsam beauty reflected on the canvas.

Modern yet classical, splendid yet elegant.

Even Jin Zhou himself hadn’t expected the cheongsam to have such a magical effect, smoothing out the edges of his masculine figure.

“Ding!” The elevator arrived at the floor, interrupting Jin Zhou’s self-appreciation.

Yang Shiyu reached out his long arm and led Jin Zhou out of the elevator without much gentleness.

The thick carpet muffled their footsteps.
Jin Zhou had never been to the suite floor before and saw several artworks placed in the wide corridor, with oil paintings on the walls that he couldn’t appreciate, making it feel like entering an empty art gallery.

Jin Zhou was curiously looking around when suddenly, Yang Shiyu stopped and took out a room card from his jacket pocket.

The moment the door opened, Jin Zhou was roughly pulled into the room by Yang Shiyu.

The expected darkness did not appear.
The spacious floor-to-ceiling windows filled the room with dim moonlight.

Before Jin Zhou could even exclaim about the luxurious suite, his lips were engulfed by Yang Shiyu’s forceful kiss.

Behind the unfamiliar mask was unmistakably a familiar person, but Jin Zhou inexplicably felt a thrilling sensation of being violated by a stranger.

-No, it was not a stranger, it was his Yang Shiyu.

The usually calm and rational judge seemed to have lost control, and his fierce kiss made it difficult for Jin Zhou to catch his breath.

He barely managed to support Yang Shiyu’s shoulders and was about to say “you” in the brief moment of respite, but Yang Shiyu’s tongue stopped his attempt to speak.

After a long time, as if finally relieving pent-up anger, Yang Shiyu released Jin Zhou’s lips and came to his ear, biting his earlobe and saying, “Find the surveillance.”

Only then did Jin Zhou understand why Yang Shiyu didn’t turn on the lights upon entering the suite.

Even in a luxurious five-star hotel, there could be people with ulterior motives who installed surveillance cameras in the room.

The two separated strategically, with one going to the bathroom and the other to the bedroom.

After a thorough search, Jin Zhou didn’t find any cameras in the room, and it seemed that Yang Shiyu didn’t find any either, as he took off his mask and threw it on the bedside table.

Unlike the gold-framed glasses he usually wore, the flimsy mask was prone to slipping down, so the anti-slip chains on the sides were thicker and heavier than the ones on his glasses.

“Did WangTai prepare this for you?”

Taking advantage of Yang Shi Yu turning on the lights, Jin Zhou turned off the camera hidden in his sleeve and lay on the bed idly, picking up the exquisite black mask and putting it on his own face.

It had to be admitted that WangTai was really thoughtful.
The elastic band behind the mask was replaced with an anti-slip chain, perfectly matching Yang Shi Yu’s nature.

Looking at the ceiling through the eye holes of the mask, Jin Zhou suddenly saw Yang Shi Yu’s face in his field of vision.

Jin Zhou knew that Yang Shi Yu would come after him to settle the score, but if they were to settle it, both of them had acted behind each other’s back, so neither had the right to blame the other.

“You have the nerve to say you were working overtime.”

Jin Zhou decided to take the initiative and take the moral high ground.
He was not afraid of arguments.
Even if the other party was a judge, so what? When it came to courtroom debates, his experience was far richer than Yang Shi Yu’s.

However, no matter how much Jin Zhou calculated, he never anticipated that Yang Shi Yu would simply not bother to reason with him.

Throwing the mask aside, Yang Shi Yu wedged his knee between Jin Zhou’s legs and then kissed him without a word.

Once again, someone reached beneath his cheongsam, but this time, Jin Zhou didn’t resist.
The warm large hand instead aroused the suppressed desire he had been holding back since entering the room.

“No, you need to explain yourself?” Jin Zhou didn’t like this out-of-control rhythm.
He reluctantly steadied his breathing, pushing away Yang Shi Yu’s chest.
“What are you doing?”

If Jin Zhou remembered correctly, they hadn’t settled their main issue yet, so what was Yang Shi Yu doing?

“Explain what?” Yang Shi Yu’s eyes were bloodshot, and the look in his eyes seemed like he wanted to tear Jin Zhou apart.
“You always claim to be a pure man, then what are you doing to the cheongsam?”

The split in the cheongsam had already been pushed to Jin Zhou’s waist by Yang Shi Yu, revealing his pure white underwear and smooth legs.

“Thanks to this cheongsam, I was able to sneak in?” Jin Zhou bent his knee, wanting to sit up and clarify things with Yang Shi Yu.
“But speaking of which, you seem quite familiar with WangTai, don’t you?”

But just as Jin Zhou propped his elbow behind him, Yang Shi Yu forcefully pressed him back on the bed.

The sound of fabric tearing echoed from below, and Jin Zhou felt a sudden chill on his butt.
When he reacted, he saw that his newly bought white lace women’s underwear had been torn in half by Yang Shi Yu.

Yang Shi Yu was truly angry—perhaps it would be more appropriate to say he was furious.

His crotch was grabbed without any teasing or gentle caressing, only rough punishment.

 The pain and pleasurable sensation made Jin Zhou feel uneasy.
He held onto Yang Shi Yu’s wrist and said with a hint of plea, “I didn’t get into trouble , did I?”

“That’s because I arrived on time.” Yang Shi Yu looked at Jin Zhou expressionlessly, and with his thumb gripping Jin Zhou’s crotch from base to tip, he almost made Jin Zhou shed tears.

“Mmm… Please be gentle…” Jin Zhou tightly gripped Yang Shi Yu’s wrist, his eyes slightly reddening.

But strangely, after the pain subsided, his dick became even more vigorous, throbbing in Yang Shi Yu’s hand, growing a bit larger.

“Who are you dressing like this for?” The more Yang Shi Yu thought about it, the angrier he became.
He lifted the hem of the cheongsam, revealing Jin Zhou’s completely naked lower body.

Jin Zhou was in pain but didn’t want to beg for mercy.
He bit his lip and struggled to speak, “Well… I’m not dressing for you, ..”

In the next moment, his two balls were suddenly squeezed tightly, and Jin Zhou couldn’t bear it anymore.
His tears welled up at the corners of his eyes.

His delicate makeup had already been messed up by Yang Shi Yu, and his reddened eyes and swollen lips completely made Yang Shi Yu lose all rationality.

“It seems I’ve been too lenient with you.” Yang Shi Yu’s gaze turned cold.

Jin Zhou suddenly anxiously said, “You… stop playing around…”

Yang Shi Yu turned Jin Zhou over, unzipping the zipper on his back and tearing off the cheongsam from his body.

Both butt cheeks were exposed in front of Yang Shi Yu.
Jin Zhou didn’t like that position and was about to struggle and flip over, but at that moment, Yang Shi Yu suddenly took the mask from the bedside.

What was he going to do with the mask?

A question mark popped up in Jin Zhou’s mind.
Could it be that he wanted to engage in some kind of erotic play with the mask?

However, Yang Shi Yu removed the anti-slip chains from the sides of the mask and then… tied it around Jin Zhou’s neck.

 Yang Shi Yu then hooked his index finger around the metal chain and whispered in Jin Zhou’s ear, “Are you satisfied now?”

Jin Zhou’s Adam’s apple was tightly squeezed by the chain, forcing him to tilt his neck back.
He felt Yang Shi Yu’s breath in his ear, and his whole body trembled with excitement.
“Not… enough…”

“Is that so?” Yang Shi Yu reached his other hand to Jin Zhou’s chest, roughly pinching the erect pink nipple.

The combination of pain and pleasure filled Jin Zhou’s brain, and the unprecedented stimulation made him dizzy.
His crotch rubbing against the bedsheet was on the verge of bursting.
He couldn’t let Yang Shi Yu continue and could only temporarily surrender, saying, “Wait… wait…”

Naturally, Yang Shi Yu wouldn’t give Jin Zhou a chance to catch his breath.
He used his tongue to tease and suck on Jin Zhou’s earlobe.

Jin Zhou couldn’t withstand the multiple stimuli and had no choice but to pat the chain on his neck, breathing irregularly as he said, “I’ll… give you oral… Yang Shi Yu… I’ll give you oral.”

That proposal seemed to pique Yang Shi Yu’s interest.
His actions with his hand and mouth both stopped.

In fact, Jin Zhou had his own plan.
Given the current situation, he was clearly at a disadvantage.
If he wanted to turn the situation, he had to find another way, even if it meant going all out.

He had always been unwilling to give Yang Shi Yu a blowjob, partly because he didn’t want to submit to him.

But now the situation was different, and he had no choice but to do so.
If he could make Yang Shi Yu feel incredibly good, then it would mean he had a slight chance to turn their roles.

Yang Shi Yu stood up, finally giving Jin Zhou the opportunity to turn over.

However, he realized at that moment that he had been stripped completely by Yang Shi Yu.
He was left with nothing but a metal chain around his neck, while Yang Shi Yu’s suit was still intact on him, except for a noticeable bulge in his crotch.

” Take it off,” Yang Shi Yu knelt on the bed with both knees and pointed to his waist area with his gaze.

 Jin Zhou raised his hands  intending to undo Yang Shi Yu’s belt.
However, just then, Yang Shi Yu suddenly grabbed the chain around his neck, pulling him closer.

His nose almost bumped into Yang Shi Yu’s bulge, and before Jin Zhou could adjust his balance, he heard Yang Shi Yu’s soft but deep voice from above, “Use your mouth.”

“You…” Jin Zhou knelt on the bed with all four limbs, subconsciously raising his chin to look at Yang Shi Yu.

But when he saw Yang Shi Yu looking down on him , all his complaints vanished before they reached his lips.

Jin Zhou obediently placed his hands behind his back and used his teeth to nibble on the buckle of Yang Shi Yu’s belt.

However, it was somewhat difficult.
Yang Shi Yu seeing his struggle helped him unfasten the belt and buttons.

The magnificent sight was right in front of him.
Jin Zhou couldn’t help but swallow nervously and used his teeth to unzip the zipper.

The bulge seemed to swell even more.
Jin Zhou raised his chin to look at Yang Shi Yu, but there was no desire in Yang Shi Yu’s face.
He simply said in a flat tone, “Continue.”

With his teeth biting the edge of the black underwear, Jin Zhou struggled to pull it down.
In an instant, the massive organ sprung out of the underwear and almost slapped Jin Zhou across the face.

Jin Zhou was completely dumbfounded.
What the fuck is this?

“Open your mouth,” Yang Shi Yu, who had remained composed until now, couldn’t hold back anymore and pried open Jin Zhou’s teeth with his thumb, then thrust his thick crotch into his mouth.

“Mmm…” The glans reached his throat, and Jin Zhou instinctively made a swallowing motion, unknowingly massaging the sensitive head, which caused Yang Shi Yu to let out a pleasurable low groan.

“Good, keep going,” Yang Shi Yu rubbed the back of Jin Zhou’s neck.
“Use your tongue.”

Jin Zhou used his tongue to lick the tip, trying his best to avoid any contact with the swollen skin with his teeth.

Yang Shiyu’s crotch in his mouth grew bigger and bigger, and Jin Zhou struggled to keep his mouth open.
Saliva flowed down from the corners of his mouth, wetting the bed sheets.

His jaw was becoming sore, and Jin Zhou took it out of his mouth, and used the back of his hand to wipe the saliva off his chin, unable to help but complain, “Why is your fucking dick so hard to handle?”

Yang Shi Yu suddenly pinched Jin Zhou’s chin, “How many times do I have to say it? No dirty words.”

Jin Zhou glared at Yang Shi Yu, full of anger.
“Well I said what I said.”

“Fine.” Yang Shi Yu released Jin Zhou’s chin.
“My dick is just this big, and I can’t do anything about it.”

“You!” Jin Zhou immediately sat up, angrily grabbed Yang Shi Yu’s tie, and said, “Only I can use vulgar words, it sounds so unnatural coming from your mouth!”

“Do you know you’re so hypocritical ?” Yang Shi Yu continued.

“Yang Shi Yu!” Jin Zhou was so furious that his face turned red.
He simply covered Yang Shi Yu’s lips with his own.

The two of them fell back onto the bed again, both of them undressed, completely naked.

“Do you want me to give you oral?” Yang Shi Yu asked.

The answer was, of course, yes.

But Yang Shi Yu didn’t let Jin Zhou enjoy it alone.
Instead, he made Jin Zhou lie on top of him, and the two of them engaged in a 69 position, pleasuring each other orally.

It was fucking amazing.

In his mind, Jin Zhou thought, if he had known there were so many ways to play around with Yang Shiyu, he wouldn’t be just falling asleep cuddling him every night.

Just as he was thinking that, he suddenly felt a wet and hot sensation around his butt.
Jin Zhou quickly lifted his head and turned his body to look at Yang Shi Yu, “Where the fuck are you licking?”

From Yang Shi Yu’s point of view, the plump buttocks were slightly tilted to one side, displaying an erotic view.

“Still not comfortable?” Yang Shi Yu held onto Jin Zhou’s waist and continued to lick his butt hole that had already been moistened by his saliva.

It certainly felt good, but that wasn’t the point.

Jin Zhou propped up his upper body, causing his ass to slightly lift due to the sinking of his waist, which made Yang Shi Yu’s gaze deepen.

“No, do you have any self-awareness? How can you lick there?” Jin Zhou asked unhappily.

“That should be my question to you.” Yang Shi Yu pinched Jin Zhou’s butt cheeks.
“Do you have any self-awareness?”

The two of them were at a standstill.

Based on past experience, Yang Shi Yu would be the one to compromise first, so Jin Zhou wasn’t worried.

However, after a moment, Yang Shi Yu said firmly without negotiation, “Let me in, otherwise, we’ll break up today”

Jin Zhou: “?”

Jin Zhou: “Are you serious?”

 After hesitating in his mind, he knew he couldn’t stop seeing Yang Shiyu he gritted his teeth and said, “Just this once.
This will be the first and last time.”

As for what would happen after then, that was a discussion for another time.

However, when the cold lubricant was applied , Jin Zhou began to regret his decision.

He closed his legs slightly, nervously pressing down on Yang Shi Yu’s finger, “Um, how about we skip it today?”

Yang Shi Yu pulled over a pillow and placed it under Jin Zhou’s waist.
Without saying a word, he inserted a finger forcefully.

“Hiss!” The sensation made Jin Zhou slightly uncomfortable.
Although Yang Shi Yu was a bit rough, once inside, his finger patiently explored around and quickly found the sensitive spot.

Jin Zhou’s body trembled uncontrollably.
After all, he was still inexperienced and had never deliberately explored that area.
Nervously, he grabbed Yang Shi Yu’s shoulders and asked, “W-what is that?”

 Yang Shi Yu kissed Jin Zhou’s lips and swiftly inserted a second finger.

“Hmm…” The intense pleasure from stimulating his rear entrance was more intense than any other sensitive spot.
Jin Zhou instinctively wrapped his legs around Yang Shi Yu’s waist, afraid of getting lost in it.
It was like he was reminding Yang Shi Yu, but also reminding himself, “Just today, next time, next time I’ll…”

In response to Jin Zhou, Yang Shi Yu inserted a third and fourth finger.

Soon, all the fingers were withdrawn, replaced by his crotch.

The pleasure immediately faded, and Jin Zhou felt the pain in his folds.
He pushed away Yang Shi Yu’s shoulder in distress, “This won’t work, right? It will tear, won’t it?”

“Relax.” Yang Shi Yu, who had been rough all along, finally returned to his former tenderness.
He kissed Jin Zhou while forcefully pushing his crotch inside.

Jin Zhou was lost in the kisses but also felt like his ass was about to split in half.
He struggled to retreat to the head of the bed, begging, “No, Yang Shi Yu, let’s stop .
I’m… I’m not ready.”

How could Yang Shi Yu let Jin Zhou go? He patiently coaxed, “stay still, it’s already inside.”

Jin Zhou glanced down and saw that the swollen crotch was still halfway outside. 

Yang Shi Yu grabbed Jin Zhou’s flailing ankle, placing his smooth legs on his arms.
Then, he held Jin Zhou’s waist and forcefully thrust his hips, pushing it further inside.

“Fuck, Yang Shi Yu, you son of a bitch!” Jin Zhou couldn’t help but curse.

The random curses were drowned out by the sound of their bodies colliding.
After the initial pain subsided, an addictive pleasure emerged.

Jin Zhou moaned while cursing, 

Another intense thrust, and Jin Zhou could no longer curse.
He was left with endless moans.

Jin Zhou vaguely recalled.
He had always been the husband from the beginning.
How did it end up like this ?

Yang Shi Yu rolled over, allowing Jin Zhou to ride on top of him.
Now, he was deep inside him, and the high-speed impact made Jin Zhou moan out loud.

Since it was their first time doing it, Jin Zhou quickly felt that he couldn’t hold on anymore.
His crotch pounding on Yang Shi Yu’s lower abdomen brought a unpleasant yet exciting sensation.

“ stop, Yang Shi Yu!” Jin Zhou quickly pressed down on Yang Shi Yu’s stomach, his face showing a panicked expression.
“I… I need to… I need to take a break!”

Yang Shi Yu, thinking that Jin Zhou was about to climax, increased the intensity of his thrusts instead.

” fucking stop!”

As the whitish liquid dripped onto Yang Shi Yu’s lower abdomen, he finally stopped, looking slightly dazed at Jin Zhou.

The liquid stained the bed sheets, and Jin Zhou’s face turned pale.

He… had been ‘attacked’ by Yang Shi Yu.

What could he do? It seemed he couldn’t counterattack anymore…

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