When Jin Zhou discovered that Yang Shiyu was secretly investigating the car accident case, he thought Yang Shiyu had some conscience left, unlike what he had imagined—a heart as ruthless as a wolf’s.

He never expected that Yang Shiyu had been keeping the matter in mind and even set the door password to that specific day, as if reminding himself not to forget.

Various baseless speculations appeared in Jin Zhou’s mind.
Perhaps he could uncover the truth by pushing open the door, but he didn’t do so.

Although he always crossed Yang Shiyu’s boundaries, deep down, he still didn’t want to anger his “little” teacher.

“I am such a well-behaved student.”

Jin Zhou self-mockingly laughed, took out a cigarette case from his pocket, intending to pass the time by smoking.

Just at that moment, Yang Shiyu’s figure appeared at the corner of the stairs.
Both of them unexpectedly came face to face, and instinctively stood motionlessly.

Jin Zhou had a cigarette in one hand and a lighter in the other.
When he saw Yang Shiyu’s gaze fall on his hands, he put the cigarette back into the case.

Yang Shiyu didn’t seem surprised by Jin Zhou’s presence.
Lowering his gaze, he walked upstairs and said, “Why are you here again?”

“To find you.” Jin Zhou put his hands in his pockets and nodded toward the room with his chin.
“Shall we go inside and talk?”

Yang Shiyu apparently knew that Jin Zhou wouldn’t easily leave, so he walked to the door without much reaction and entered the password, opening the door.

The slippers from last night were still there.
Jin Zhou casually changed into them, then went to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of mineral water.
“Where did you hide Wang Darong?”

Meanwhile, Yang Shiyu loosened his tie, which was part of his work uniform, and paused his movement upon hearing the question.
He calmly replied, “I didn’t hide him.”

The work uniform was the standard kind issued by the unit, plain and without any style.
When others wore it, they looked like old cadres, but Yang Shiyu managed to exude a sense of elegance.

“So, are you saying Wang Darong grew wings and flew away on his own?” Jin Zhou responded absentmindedly, pondering the source of Yang Shiyu’s elegance in his mind.
After careful consideration, he realized it might have something to do with those gold-framed glasses.

He decided to take back his previous comment about Yang Shiyu not looking good with glasses.

“I told you, I didn’t hide him.” Yang Shiyu walked into the bedroom, this time closing the bedroom door.

What a formal gesture.

Jin Zhou muttered in his mind, intending to see how Yang Shiyu would unbutton his shirt.
However, all he saw was the bare door panel.

“Do you think I believe you?” Jin Zhou approached the door, leaning half of his body against it, and spoke to Yang Shiyu inside the room.
“What if I let the police come and investigate who took Wang Darong?”

Jin Zhou had never revealed Yang Shiyu’s actions to the police.
One reason was that he didn’t want to cause trouble for Yang Shiyu, and the other reason was that he considered it their secret.

But since Yang Shiyu kept avoiding him and acting alone, Jin Zhou didn’t mind putting a little pressure on him.

“She is Wang Darong’s girlfriend.”

The door suddenly opened, and Jin Zhou, losing his balance, stumbled forward, but Yang Shiyu quickly caught him by the waist.

“When I was leaving, I saw a woman taking Wang Darong away,” Yang Shiyu steadied Jin Zhou and withdrew his hand.
“She should still be at the casino; we just didn’t notice.”

“Really?” Jin Zhou straightened himself up and asked skeptically.

Yang Shiyu changed into casual home attire, exuding a sense of a family cook.
Jin Zhou inexplicably felt a bit hungry.

“If you don’t believe me, you can check the bar’s surveillance footage.
There should be a record,” Yang Shiyu said, walking back to the living room and turning to look at Jin Zhou.
“Do you have any more questions?”

Yang Shiyu was clear: if there was nothing else, Jin Zhou could leave.

Jin Zhou wouldn’t be easily dismissed.
He stroked his chin and speculated on Yang Shiyu’s motives.
“You’re curious about the woman’s identity but can’t let the police investigate—because you can’t explain why you were at the bar.
So, you decided to investigate in the prison yourself?”

Although the prison might not necessarily yield any leads, it was at least a direction to investigate.
In fact, Yang Shiyu had indeed found some clues.

“The police have been focused on Wang Darong’s past relationships, neglecting the people he met during his time in prison.
I just provided them with an alternative line of inquiry,” Yang Shiyu paused.
“They will investigate this woman, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

“You’re concerned, so why can’t I be concerned?” Jin Zhou retorted.
“I mean, have you ever thought about teaming up with me? I have connections and can investigate things quickly.”

“How wild can you be?” Yang Shiyu, rarely speaking so much, maintained a calm and measured tone throughout.
However, when he heard Jin Zhou mention his “connections,” he furrowed his brow.
“Let me say it again, Jin Zhou, don’t do anything stupid it might be dangerous.”

“It seems like you’re very worried about me,” Jin Zhou laughed carelessly.
He wasn’t foolish; from the moment he successfully guessed Yang Shiyu’s door code, he vaguely realized that Yang Shiyu didn’t want him to get involved in this mess.

Although there were still many things he didn’t understand, at least he wasn’t as frustrated with Yang Shiyu’s attitude anymore.

“I’m twenty-seven, Yang Shiyu.” Jin Zhou exhaled and spoke sincerely, a rare moment of earnestness.
“Do you still see me as a seventeen-eighteen-year-old kid?”

Yang Shiyu fell silent, quietly watching Jin Zhou, as if carefully digesting his words.

But coincidentally, Jin Zhou’s phone suddenly rang.
He took it out and checked it, only then remembering that he had gone out to bring back some food.

“Jin Zhou, where’s the lamb noodles?” Xiao Wu asked on the other end of the phone.

“Uh, something came up suddenly.” Jin Zhou envisioned the fragrant lamb noodles and his stomach rumbled in response.
“Order some takeout.”

Hanging up the phone, Jin Zhou rubbed his protesting belly and looked at Yang Shiyu.
“I’m hungry.
Do you have any food ?”

The corners of Yang Shiyu’s mouth twitched slightly.
He turned and walked toward the kitchen.
“And you say you’re not a child.”

“What’s wrong? Can’t adults ask for food?” Jin Zhou followed into the kitchen, seeing Yang Shiyu wearing an apron.
His hunger seemed to transcend the physical realm.

The kitchen was well-stocked with rice, oil, salt, and all the necessities.
It was clear that Yang Shiyu usually cooked at home.

He skillfully washed rice and selected vegetables, momentarily causing Jin Zhou to feel a sense of déjà vu, as if their relationship had returned to the past.

Perhaps Xiao Wu’s theory was correct—the essence of pampering someone lay in showing goodwill.
After all, who wouldn’t like hearing kind words, whether they were a man or a woman?

Seeing that Yang Shiyu was cooking for him, Jin Zhou decided to say something nice.
However, as he opened his mouth, he suddenly realized that it was a bit difficult.

He could effortlessly come up with countless sweet and flirtatious words in front of his lovers, but when it came to sincerely speaking sweet nothings to Yang Shi Yu, he didn’t know where to begin.

“Ahem.” Jin Zhou casually leaned against the wall, cleared his throat to ease his awkwardness.
“Perhaps you are like a book, Yang Shiyu.”

Yang Shiyu glanced at Jin Zhou inexplicably, without responding, and continued to chop the vegetables.

“Otherwise, why do I feel more and more sleepy the more I look at you?”

The sound of chopping abruptly stopped, and Yang Shiyu looked at Jin Zhou with a stern expression.
Sensing trouble, Jin Zhou stood up straight and leaned against the wall.

Oops, Judge Yang was coming over with a kitchen knife.

“Go out and wait over there,” Yang Shiyu said expressionlessly.

“Just kidding.” Jin Zhou rubbed his nose, feeling guilty.

“Don’t use the same tricks you use on your lovers on me,” Yang Shiyu warned, throwing down a cautionary statement, and returned to chopping vegetables with a “thud thud thud.”

It seemed that Yang Shiyu really didn’t like Jin Zhou’s bad habits like smoking, drinking, or flirting with younger guys.
But what could be done? That’s just how Jin Zhou was.

“You’re not my lover?” Jin Zhou prepared himself to slip away, “you’re my precious lover.
You’re the biggest in my harem.”

After saying that, Jin Zhou quickly retreated to the living room.

Yang Shiyu cooked three dishes and a soup—ordinary home-cooked dishes.

Compared to takeout, they seemed rather plain, and Jin Zhou couldn’t figure out what was so delicious about them.
He stopped eating when he couldn’t fit any more food in his stomach.

“Should I wash the dishes?” Jin Zhou asked half-heartedly.

Since being named the biggest lover in the harem, Yang Shiyu had been cold-faced and ignored Jin Zhou the whole time.
He didn’t respond this time either, directly taking the dishes to the kitchen.

Normally, Jin Zhou occasionally cooked and washed dishes at home, but since Yang Shiyu didn’t want him to do any work, he naturally wouldn’t insist on doing it.

After a while, Yang Shiyu emerged from the kitchen and looked at Jin Zhou, asking, “Why haven’t you left yet?”

Jin Zhou lazily slouched on the sofa, feeling too full to move.
However, at that moment, he received a message from Sun Yi on his phone.

He smirked, put down his phone, and looked at Yang Shiyu.
“Want to take a stroll with me?”

Yang Shiyu’s response was expected.
“Not going.”

“Alright.” Jin Zhou stood up and walked past Yang Shiyu’s shoulder towards the door.
“I’ve found out about Wang Darong’s girlfriend.
I’m going to check it out now.”

Just when Yang Shiyu suddenly grabbed Jin Zhou’s wrist, furrowing his brow.
“What did you say?”

“Not going for real?” Jin Zhou smiled, pulling his wrist back from Yang Shiyu’s grip.
“Then I’m leaving.”

“Jin Zhou.” Yang Shiyu grabbed Jin Zhou’s arm again, his tone carrying a hint of earnestness.
“Can’t you just be obedient?”

“Who are you to me?” Jin Zhou asked seriously.
“Why should I listen to you?”

Jin Zhou’s words were impolite, completely disregarding the fact that it was Yang Shiyu who had just fed him.

Clearly annoyed, Yang Shiyu’s temples throbbed with veins.
“Are you some wild dog? Do I have to leash you to keep you in line?”

“Not a wild dog, but a fierce hound.” Jin Zhou wasn’t bothered by being compared to a dog; instead, he found a more fitting description for himself.
“Are you going to tie me up? If you don’t, I might go out and bite someone.”

Yang Shiyu took a deep breath, forcibly suppressing the veins on his forehead.

After a moment, he calmed down and looked at Jin Zhou.
“Wait for me, let me change my clothes.”

The bedroom door slammed shut, and Jin Zhou smiled .
After all these years, Yang Shiyu still couldn’t do anything to him.




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