Gu Yingying wasn’t very surprised by the current situation, but she didn’t plan on feeding a tiger with her own body for this greedy and heartless couple.

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Thinking about what happened in the plot, Gu Yingying was taken aback and heartbroken.
The money given by the Gu family fell into the hands of the couple and the original Gu Yingying was abused in every possible way.
When she thought about this, Gu Yingying felt that she would be brainless if she followed this couple.

Father Gu noticed that Gu Yingying who was standing aside did not speak and hardened his heart as he said, “Yingying, you and Xuezhen were swapped 16 years ago.
And now, it’s time for you both to go back to your respective homes.
Xuezhen is already back home and now you should also go back with your biological parents.
The Gu family will still pay for your living expenses and your school tuition before you get married.
So, you should not worry about it.”

After discussing with his wife,  Father Gu knew this was the best result that could be derived.
Otherwise, the Gu family will be troubled sooner or later.
His daughter doesn’t like Gu Yingying.
And as a man who had been in love, he knew that his son was in love with Gu Yingying.
So, this decision was not a matter of choice.
This was the only decision that can be taken.

Gu Yingying knew that Father Gu and Mother Gu were soft hearted people but this soft heartedness led to a great disaster for the original Gu Yingying because of the Yu family couple.

She glanced at the Yu family couple and then at Father Gu and Mother Gu.
One sentence in what Gu Yingying said made the whole scene extremely embarrassing.

“ Mom and Dad, I’m willing to leave the Gu family but I don’t think they are my biological parents.
Can you see whether I have any similarities with them? How can I have such ugly parents?”

The three people of the Gu family couldn’t help but look at the Yu family.
It was known that, the Yu family had a second child named Yu Yao which originally meant Guangzong Yaozu1.
Then there was Father Yu who became a gambler with a wretched appearance.
He was only around 1.65 meters tall and his skin was dark as charcoal.
There was also his wife, Wang Guihua.
She was very fat that we can’t even see her eyes.
The red lipstick and make up she had put on today to come to the Gu Family House, made her scarier and it was like she was coming here to eat a child.

Looking at Gu Yingying, who was wearing a blue and white school uniform with her long wavy black hair draped beautifully over her shoulders like a seaweed and her white skin which seemed to glow like a doll and especially the pair of iconic peach blossom eyes which easily made people soft at first glance and her small and exquisite nose and her pink lips which were not as big as cherry made the girl look delicate, no matter how you looked at her.
And overall it looked nothing like the Yu Family couple.

“ What are you talking about, girl? How dare you despise me and your father for being ugly? Even a dog doesn’t care if you are poor! No matter how beautiful you are, didn’t I give birth to you?”, Wang Guihua couldn’t stand people calling her ugly and when Gu Yingying pointed out that she was ugly, how could she not scream.
Her voice was so loud that the Gu family couple on the side frowned.

“I was born to you and the man next to you? You think you are beautiful but you can’t give birth to a beautiful girl like me ever in your life, okay? And why do you say I’m your daughter? Do you have a DNA certificate? If there is no proof that we are related by blood, I can sue you for human trafficking.”

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When facing strangers, Gu Yingying was not always soft, especially now that she knew how the Yu family couple treated Gu Xuezhen since childhood, she could not wait to teach them a lesson.

Why? Why should the grace of nurturing a child should be repaid? The Yu family couple treated Gu Xuezhen as a servant from a young age.
When there was something to be done, they will let Gu Xuezhen do it.

Father Gu and Mother Gu now only remembered that they did not do the DNA test between the Yu family couple and Gu Yingying.
They only did the DNA test with Yingying before and found out she was not their biological daughter.
And later they did the DNA test with Xuezhen after bringing the child home.
They thought it was a child swap but they never thought that Gu Yingying would not be the child of the Yu family couple at all.

At this moment, the two of them looked at the Yu family couple again and found that the Yu family couple and Gu Yingying did not look alike at all.
Not to mention the appearence of their son Yu Yao , the wretched appearance of Father Yu and also Wang Guihua’s appearence which was completely different from Gu Yingying who was delicate as a porcelain doll.

If it was said that their own daughter Gu Xuezhen had absolutely nothing in common with this couple, then Gu Yingying absolutely did not have a single resemblance with this couple…

“In this case, let’s directly go to the hospital to take a DNA test to check whether you are related to them or not.” The Gu family were not short of money and Father Gu and Mother Gu were still willing to provide Gu Yingying some convenience.

“Well, thank you Dad.” Gu Yingying can actually understand the feelings of Father Gu and Mother Gu.
She would not blame them for their cruelty but she had something to say.

“Dad and Mom, I heard from Xuezhen that you guys gave the Yu family two million, is it true?”

Her words made Mother Gu to look at her biological daughter Gu Xuezhen.
She did not expect Gu Xuezhen would actually tell Gu Yingying this matter.
For Gu Xuezhen, it was unexpected cause she did not say anything about this to Gu Yingying.

” Yes, they had raised Xuezhen for 16 years” To say bluntly, they actually bought out the relationship.

“Dad, you maybe unhappy with what I say but I still want to say, do you know what kind of couple they are? And you guys want to give them money for raising Xuezhen? Did you think that she was actually well taken care by them? No.
On the contrary, she has been used by the couple like a servant since she was young.
When there is something that has to be done, Xuezhen had to do it.
If she does not do it, she is either beaten or scolded.
Even if Xuezhen had good grades and had scholarships they would rather have her drop out and abuse her.
Why don’t you as her parents avenge her? And now after this you want to give them money? Shouldn’t these kind of people be sent to prison? I suspect that I am not their child and what about Xuezhen? Even though we were swapped, she should not have been raised by them like this… was it really just a mistake?”

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Gu Yingying said her directly cause when she first read the novel, she was a little puzzled.
Even a family which values sons over daughters would not treat their daughters like this couple did.
Why did she suspect they were not related biologically? It’s because Wang Guihua was a bitch when she faced Gu Xuezhen all day.
Was this a mother’s reaction?

Standing behind Mother Gu, Gu Xuezhen involuntarily clenched her fist, her nails dug into the palm of her hands and her her face was pale and her eyes bloodshot as she looked at Wang Guihua with hatred.

After returning the Gu family’s house, Gu Xuezhen tried to force herself to forget what happened in the Yu family’s house.
Even when she was in front of Father Gu and Mother Gu, she would never mention it.
Her hatred for the Yu family couple was embedded deeply inside her.
But, now Gu Yingying has revealed everything, it broke the disguise of her hatred.

Mother Gu turned her head and looked at her daughter’s face and knew what Gu Yingying said was true.
She did not suspect anything and only thought that since Xuezhen and Yingying began getting close to each other since two days ago, Xuezhen revealed everything to Yingying.
Thinking of how her daughter had been bullied and abused by others in other people’s home, Mother Gu’s eyes turned red with anger as she turned her head and questioned the Yu family couple.

” Tell me! Did you abuse my family’s Xuezhen?! You both clearly said before that you were good to her…”

As a mother , Mother Gu felt extremely uncomfortable and angry thinking about her daughter being abused by others.

The Yu family’s couple heard Mother Gu’s question and hurriedly shook their heads.
Now, Wang Guihua’s voice was not arrogant but rather a little guilty.

” We did not abuse Xuezhen.
Don’t all children of poor families like us live like this? The children help their families in doing work as their families are too poor.
To say we abuse children … we absolutely don’t…”

Her eyes twitched as she looked at Gu Xuezhen who was pale and warned through her eyes fiercely to not say anything.

Father Gu frowned as if he was thinking about the authenticity of this matter.
But Gu Yingying did not give him any time to think about it as she rushed directly to stand in front of Gu Xuezhen and her light brown eyes firmly looked at her.

“Xuezhen, you are no longer the daughter of the Yu family.
Now, you are the Eldest Miss of Gu Enterprise.
As long as you move your finger, you can easily make this couple pay for what they did to you in the past.
Tell your parents how they treated you, they will avenge you.
Th Yu family couple are not good people and I know that!”

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In the novel the final fate of the Yu family couple was related to Gu Xuezhen.
After having enough abilities, she avenged herself.
From the beginning to the end, the Gu family couple did not know that their daughter had been abused by the Yu family in the past.

Maybe the author was trying to make the heroine suffer so that she can grow faster.
But if it was Gu Yingying in her place,  she won’t tolerate it.
People like the Yu family couple, shouldn’t they die ?

Gu Xuezhen’s face was pale but at the same time she was encouraged by the person who she had been targeting.
She felt an indescribable strangeness in her heart.
She thought that she would never talk about her grievances and she would always be obedient and kind in front of Father Gu and Mother Gu.
But now, she doesn’t want to endure it anymore, she does not want to be wronged.

” Mom, I hate them.
In their house, I started cooking and cleaning for the two of them since I was six years old.
If I did not do anything, they started scolding me or beating me.
Later, after their son was born, I was scolded again if I did not help them take care of their son.
And as long my brother cried, I would be beaten again.
This was the scar I got after being scalded by Wang Guihua with hot water when I was a child and the cigarette butt…”

The next second she rolled up her sleeves in front of her mother.
There was actually a big burn on Gu Xuezhen’s arm next to the burn, there were a lot of cigarette butt burns.
It was very obvious that it was man-made.

Mother Gu’s eyes turned red all of a sudden and she burst into tears.
Father Gu also found out that he was deceived by the Yu family couple.
They did not take care of their daughter and even abused their daughter in every possible way.

” Call the police! You must call the police! This is domestic abuse!!!”

Mother Gu cried while she hugged her daughter.
Father Gu was also uncomfortable and angry as he nodded and took out his mobile phone to call the police.

The Yu family’s couple were confused when they saw this scene and wanted to immediately rush over to grab the phone, but they were subdued by the housekeeper and other servants.

Looking at such a scene, Gu Yingying felt that this was how the plot should have progressed.
Looking at Gu Xuezhen crying with red eyes, she really felt that girls should not be blindly forbearing.
Sometimes, showing weakness is a weapon.

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After calling the police, the police came over quickly.
After listening to Gu Yingying’s words, they directly told the police that the Yu family couple abducted and sold the child and also abused children.

When the Yu family’s couple saw the police, they were frightened.
They were delighted to receive two million from the Gu family, but now because of greed they wanted to bring Gu Yingying home, but who would have thought they would go to jail?

When they were interrogated by the police, the two of them were so flustered that their faces were pale and at loss.

Now that the police were here, everything was easier to talk as a matter of course.
At Gu Yingying’s request, she and the Yu family’s couple did a DNA test.
Of course, the police’s result will not be wrong.
After a long time, the DNA result came out which proved that there was no biological relation between the Yu family’s couple and Gu Yingying.

At the same time, the Gu family also got the news from the police station.

It turned out, under the police’s vigorous interrogation, Wang Guihua and her husband confessed the truth.

Gu Yingying was not their daughter.
Neither was Gu Xuezhen.

After Wang Guihua gave birth to her daughter, she was afraid of her mother-in-law’s anger and strangled her daughter to death in a fit of rage but after strangling she regretted it.
So when she happened to see Gu Xuzhen in the hospital who was so pure and innocent, she stole the child.
As she was afraid, the child would be found missing, she secretly put the daughter of another pregnant woman who was not taken care in the Gu family’s crib.

That baby was Gu Yingying.



Honoring the ancestors

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