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After the director spoke, it wasn’t good for Jiang Dao to continue insisting.

Helpless, he could only take the cameraman out of the flower bed and walk along the pool in the direction of Tingyun Pavilion.
Before entering the door, he saw Chu Yinlong coming from the other direction and greeted him from a distance.

“The plan can’t keep up with the changes,” Chu Yinlong said with a smile.
“Let’s go, enter the building.”

The two stepped into Tingyun Pavilion side by side.
At first glance they saw Tang Yao and Zhou Wei standing in the corridor on the second floor, leaning against the railing, smiling and looking towards the first floor hall.

This time, there is no need to worry about someone hiding in the dark and attacking.

Jiang Dao relaxed slightly, and only put half of his attention on Chu Yinlong, in case he suddenly turned against him.

Seeing Chu Yinlong and Jiang Dao entering the door together, Tang Yao raised his eyebrows towards Zhou Wei: “Look, I guessed right.
I knew they were bound to form an alliance.
Brother Long should be reluctant to eliminate Xiao Dao so quickly.”

Zhou Wei was doubtful.
“Why? Didn’t they just meet?”

Tang Yao smiled and didn’t explain.
Instead he turned to face the first floor lobby and shouted, “How should the four of us play? Chase? Or fight? How about we just fight two against two?”

Chu Yinlong smiled and glanced at Jiang Dao who was standing beside him.

Jiang Dao pouted indifferently and lowered his voice: “Don’t care.
Leave Zhou Wei to me.”

As he spoke, he looked around and observed the indoor topography of this small building.

Fortunately, the building is not narrow, and the hall is spacious and supported by six pillars and four staircases leading up to the second floor.
The corridors on the second floor are connected in a circle, and there are many exhibition rooms, so there is a lot of space for chasing and escaping.

Seeing that the layout of the building is good, Chu Yinlong raised his head and said to Tang Yao.
“Fighting is boring, let’s chase instead.
The scope is limited to the hall and corridors.
No one is allowed to go out or enter the exhibition rooms, how about it?”

Tang Yao clapped his hands: “No problem, come on!”

The cameras were quickly set in place.

Because it was an indoor space, the cameramen no longer had to follow their respective guests, but found a fixed location and squatted down to record.

Jiang Dao stared closely at the movements of Tang Yao and Zhou Wei on the second floor.
His feet suddenly accelerated, rushing towards the stairs closest to Zhou Wei.

On the second floor corridor, Zhou Wei went around the stairs and fled to the other side, but Tang Yao ran forward, obviously wanting to deal with Jiang Dao first, and then join forces with Zhou Wei to eliminate Chu Yinlong.

Seeing Tang Yao step on the same stairs as him, Jiang Dao did not escape.
Instead of retreating, he advanced, and quickly took a few steps up, about to meet Tang Yao head-on on the narrow path of the stairs.

What no one expected was that in the next moment—Jiang Dao suddenly stepped on the wide handrail of the wooden staircase, jumped up, grabbed the railing of the stairs and the corridor on the second floor with both hands, turned over and climbed up the railing to the second floor.

Tang Yao was stunned on the spot.

On the second floor corridor, Zhou Wei, who was still watching the excitement, was dazed.

Until Tang Yao’s voice sounded again: “Weiwei run away!!!”

Seeing Zhou Wei flee like a frightened rabbit, Jiang Dao let out a sigh of relief.

He stretched out his hand to hold his side waist, rolled his eyes toward the ceiling, and scolded apocalyptic swear words in a low voice—the simple act of vaulting over and climbing strained his waist.

This weak chicken body is holding him back!

Obviously such a good opportunity to eliminate people, but it was difficult for him to pursue him immediately.

Walking from the other side of the corridor, Chu Yinlong realized that something was wrong, and asked loudly, “Xiao Dao, what’s wrong?”

As soon as he saw Chu Yinlong, Jiang Dao remembered that his waist injury was originally caused by this bastard.
Tch… well, although it was him who overreacted and acted first.

Seeing that Jiang Dao and Chu Yinlong were about to meet in the corridor on the second floor, Tang Yao turned around and went down the stairs, running to the other side to find Zhou Wei.

Chu Yinlong came to Jiang Dao.
“Waist injured again?”

Jiang Dao gave a faint “um”, leaned back against the wall, rubbed the wound, and didn’t want to speak.

Chu Yinlong was helpless.
“We’re just recording a show, don’t try so hard… What you did just now was very dangerous.
If the director saw it, he would probably be frightened.”

Seeing Jiang Dao’s mutinous expression of ignoring his words, Chu Yinlong sighed, and added, “Don’t do any more dangerous actions.”

“I can’t even if I want to.” Jiang Dao said lightly.
“I don’t want it to turn it into a severe strain… I will take it easy.”

After a short rest, the four started chasing and fleeing again.
Obviously, Tang Yao and Zhou Wei’s plan is to eliminate Jiang Dao first, and then join forces to deal with Chu Yinlong.

After going back and forth for a few rounds, Jiang Dao and Zhou Wei finally blocked each other at the corner of the stairs on the first floor.

The two were of the same age and had the same physique.
At this time, they were both panting and flushed from exhaustion, but neither of them would give in.

Zhou Wei stared at Jiang Dao, took a stance, and shouted towards the stairs: “Brother Yao, come here! I blocked him!”

Jiang Dao laughed, wondering who blocked who.

However, his face did not show at all, instead he put on a dignified look, posing as if he wanted to rush out of the blockade.

Sure enough, in the next second, Zhou Wei pounced.

Tang Yao came from not far away, and when he saw this, he exclaimed: “Weiwei, be careful!”

Unfortunately, it was already too late.

Jiang Dao’s eyes were quick, he grabbed Zhou Wei’s wrist, and with a little force, he pulled the person into his arms.

Zhou Wei: ?!

Jiang Dao has long hands and feet, and taking advantage of Zhou Wei’s momentary startled pause, he reached out and fished behind him – grabbing the sticker and ripped it off.

It wasn’t until then that Zhou Wei realized that he wanted to reach out and grab Jiang Dao’s sticker, but Jiang Dao turned around and avoided him, and he missed the chance.

The recording team quickly announced that Zhou Wei was out, and one of the cameramen stepped forward to bring Zhou Wei out.

Jiang Dao smiled and waved at Zhou Wei: “Don’t be sad, Tang Yao will invite you to eat ice cream.”

Zhou Wei:…

Tang Yao: ? ? ?

“Why do I invite him? You were the one who bullied him, so you should invite him!”

Tang Yao, who had just arrived, heard Jiang Dao’s words.
“I found out that you are really naughty, Xiao Dao.
I have to eliminate you today.”

Jiang Dao took two steps back, leaned against the wall, and pressed the sticker behind him.

He didn’t try to be brave, but shouted behind Tang Yao: “Mr.
Chu, save me.”

Tang Yao turned back and looked at Chu Yinlong who was approaching him cautiously.

Here, Jiang Dao stared at the gap, catapulted forward with a lunge, and reached out to tear the sticker behind Tang Yao.

Unexpectedly, Tang Yao raised his arm and put Jiang Dao’s hand back, and tried to counterattack, grabbing Jiang Dao’s famous brand, and said with a smile: “We’ve used this trick for three seasons.”

Although this body lacks strength, Jiang Dao’s consciousness, reaction speed, and agility can still keep up.
With a twist of the waist, he pressed Tang Yao’s wrist and protected the sticker behind him.

At this time, Chu Yinlong stepped forward and formed an triangle with Jiang Dao, trying to trap Tang Yao between the wall and the stairs.

“Hey, Brother Long.” Tang Yao raised his hand with a smile, “Xiao Dao has a strain on his waist, stop tiring him.
Let’s fight one-on-one.
No matter who wins or loses, at least Xiao Dao can eat 12 dishes.
How about it?”

Chu Yinlong looked at Jiang Dao with a smile, as if asking.

Jiang Dao folded his arms and leaned lazily against the handrail of the stairs: “I don’t care, it’s fine.”

Chu Yinlong nodded and hooked his fingers at Tang Yao.

Tang Yao didn’t step forward, but turned around and walked to a more spacious place in the hall.
When Chu Yinlong came, he smiled secretively: “It’s rare to see you taking care of a newcomer so much.”

“Huh?” Chu Yinlong raised his eyebrows.
” Didn’t I always take care of the newcomers?”

“Take care?” Tang Yao couldn’t help laughing, “When you say take care, you mean scolding them on the set until they don’t even dare to cry?”

“Tsk! What the hell?” Chu Yinlong frowned.
“If Xiao Dao joined my set and was coquettish and squeamish, I would scold him as well!”

“Haha…” Tang Yao looked disbelieving.

“Be serious, I’m ready.” Chu Yinlong raised his face with a serious look.

Jiang Dao walked slowly to the side, watching Tang Yao and Chu Yinlong spar with each other.
The corners of his mouth curled up.

Just by looking at Chu Yinlong’s footwork, he concluded that this person was acting again.
A person who has actually practiced kung fu, facing a person who is only a bit strong, if he can’t beat the opponent in a few seconds, it can only prove that this person’s skills are in vain.

Obviously, Chu Yinlong is not the kind of person who was for show.

But Jiang Dao was not sure whether Chu Yinlong would deliberately lose this duel in order to protect Tang Yao’s face as a show regular.

Therefore, Jiang Dao followed the confrontation between the two, changing his position as he watched them closely, ready to attack at any time.
If Tang Yao succeeds in eliminating Chu Yinlong, he will not hold back.
Eliminating Tang Yao can also be euphemistically called “revenge for Chu Yinlong”.

… Anyway, it’s definitely not because he wants to eat delicious food.

On the field, seeing Jiang Dao’s actions, Chu Yinlong couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth and chuckled lightly.

Tang Yao also shook his head and clicked his tongue: “This Xiao Dao has a lot of thoughts and wants to be the fisherman.”

Chu Yinlong didn’t refute this time: “It’s his temperament that I like.
This wolf cub doesn’t even pretend to be a little sheep.”

Tang Yao was stunned for a moment, then suddenly: “You mean, little gray wolf?”

Chu Yinlong nodded: “Well, do you feel a little bit?”

Tang Yao thought for a while: ” When you say that, I also think he can… but he is probably too beautiful, without the wild energy of the little gray wolf.
You should ask dir… hey! Are you really eliminating me? You’re not afraid of the backlash from your little gray wolf?”

“If he really comes to eliminate me,” Chu Yinlong lowered his voice and smiled secretly, “then I’ll be more satisfied.
So what if the sticker is given to him?”

After he finished speaking, he turned his feet abruptly, like a leopard dancing in the air, and instantly jumped to Tang Yao’s side.

Tang Yao also reacted very quickly and turned around to try to dodge, but Chu Yinlong reached out and grabbed his arm, causing him to stumble.
He managed to regain his balance in the blink of an eye, however, the sticker was already gently and skillfully removed by Chu Yinlong.

At this moment, Chu Yinlong’s back was facing Jiang Dao.

Not only is he defenseless, but they’re only two steps apart.



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