A Demon’s Blessing

Prologue-Human To Demon


Thats my name.

No surname.

Just Allos.

I was told that my parents gave it to me before they passed away for some unknown reason after my birth.

Because of that, I lived my entire life in an orphanage.

The kids thought my name was weird, although I didn say it. I felt I was at least loved enough by my parents to be given a name, unlike the others.

…But everything changed the night after I turned 27…

After a long day, I immediately went into a deep sleep…

After hours of sleeping, I woke up with my eyes closed and tried to go back to sleep.

Hm? Why do I hear the flow of a river?

Do I smell wood?

Why does it feel so breezy?

Unable to take it anymore, I opened my eyes.

Upon waking up, I was greeted by a forest in front of my eyes.

”What, the…? ”

I was stunned by the scenery I was in.

As I got up from the tree I was lying on.

A forest scenery surrounded me.

Did I get kidnapped?

I looked everywhere, and that was when my eyes struck something shocking. The Sky.

Multiple planets could be seen with the naked eye, even with the sun shining down on the world.

”Is this…? ”



[The name -Allos- has been registered to the system.]

[New species has been added!]

[Changing species -Human- to -Demon-!]

[Would you like to proceed?]

Startled by the sudden floating messages, I thought about the situation.

This isn earth.

… and judging from this system, I must be in a magical world.

And now this system is asking if I want to become a Demon…

After a few moments of thinking, I gave a huge smile, followed by a burst of laughter.

”Hahahaha!! Finally, I got away from that boring life after all this time! ”

After a few seconds of laughter, I again looked at the message in front of him.

[Changing species -Human- to -Demon-!]

[Would you like to proceed?]

A Demon, huh?

”Why not? ”

[Target has agreed to the change!]

[Beginning evolution!]

The moment I read the last message, a sudden surge of pain engulfed my entire body.

”Ackk!!! ”

What the hell is this?!

[Completion: 2%]

As the pain continued, Alloss body changed bit by bit.

His teeth became sharper.

His black hair gained more strands of white hair.

His bones became stronger and darker.

His muscles got bigger.

His blood became black.

[Completion: 46%]

All the while, he endured the excruciating pain.

I feel like I am going about to die!!

But the changes to his body didn stop.

His skin became paler.

Two black horns grew from his head.

A huge amount of demonic energy entered his body.

[Completion: 72%]

As well as the color of his eyes changed from brown to obsidian on his left eye and a deep-dark purple on his right eye, with both eyes sclera turning black.

[Completion: 80%]

And finally, the final touch to a Demon.

A pair of beautiful, black-featured wings sprouted from his back.

[Completion: 100%]

[Species change has been completed.]

In the end, there was Allos, soaked in a cold sweat from head to toe, trembling a little, veins popping out while gasping for air in his new appearance.

”…Haha, is it finally done? ”

I say in a weak voice while also barely maintaining a straight face.


[Would you like to see your status?]

I got a little angry at the message.

You bastard. Asking me now after making me go through that much pain without warning?

”Sure, open it up. ”

[Allos Age: 14 Sex: Male

Species: Human(Formerly), Demon(Currently)

-Strength Lv.70

-Stamina Lv.50

-Magic Power Lv.80

-Agility Lv.60

-Endurance Lv.80

-Dexterity Lv.30

-Luck Lv.1(Special Stat)

Special Skills: -Mind Seclusion Lv.1-, -Flames of Hell Lv.1-, -Disguise Lv.1-

Elements: Fire, Demonic

Current Power Level: 21700

Potential Power Level: ??????]

I, now standing in my Demon form, read through my entire status, and while reading through it, I questioned many things.

14 years old?! What the hell is this saying??

Im clearly 27-

Just as I was about to complain any further, I checked my entire body. My body was bigger than it was earlier.

I was taller; I gained a bit of muscle, despite all that, even in my new appearance…

…I clearly looked like someone in their early teens.

”Was this because of the transformation? Or was I 14 the moment I got here? ”

After a few moments, I accepted it and moved on to my next complaint.

”Why do I only have three skills? Is this all a Demon gets? ”

-Mind Seclusion-, -Flames of Hell-, and finally, -Disguise-.

I gave a bit of a frown at the three skills.

The only one that sounds useful is -Flames of Hell-.

I thought about it some more and decided to try the skill out.

Do I just… think about it…?

[-Flames of Hell- has activated!]

At the same moment as the system message, my left arm was engulfed in a black flame.

”Woah! This is actually pretty cool! ”

I can feel the magic power flowing into my arm!

After a few seconds of admiring the flame, I deactivated the skill and moved on to the next one.


”Hmm… ”

This might be useful.

I thought about using the skill like I did the -Flames of Hell-.

[-Disguise- has been activated!]

If this is what I think it is, then maybe…

I lifted my pale right arm and thought about changing it back to my normal skin color, and it worked just like I expected it to.

”Haha! I knew it! ”

But I didn stop there. I changed my whole appearance into a normal-looking human.

Everything worked until I reached the wings.

[Unable to change target.]

What? Are these wings permanent? No… maybe I just…

I thought about retracting both wings, and surprisingly, it worked.

I now looked like a normal 14-year-old human.

Well, I guess this isn a totally useless skill. I can use this to deceive some people.

I smirked a bit at the thought.

”And then there was one. ”

-Mind Seclusion-

I didn know what this skill could do, yet I felt it could be useful.

Lets see.

[-Mind Seclusion- has been activated!]

The moment it was activated, my body collapsed to the floor, followed by a blackout. Five seconds later, I opened my eyes and saw pure nothingness.

”W-Where am I?? Did I die?? ”

Confused, I looked around me, but it was all the same; it was just pure nothingness.


[Welcome to your own training room!]

Training room?

[Here, you can train your body, skills, and stats.]

[Improvements in this training room will also affect your real body.]

[Time is significantly faster than the outside world.]

[Bonus reward!!]

[Create a new rule for your training room!!]

After reading all the messages that popped up, I smiled again in my Demon form.

”So it wasn useless after all. ”

[Create a new rule for your training room!!]

A new rule…

I spent some time thinking about a new rule for this skill.

Then I had the perfect rule that would strengthen me.

”The ability to make any skill. ”




Was it too much?

[New rule has been granted with a few adjustments!]

[Alteration 1: Only able to create up to five skills per 21 days(Real World Time)]

[Alteration 2: There is a limit to how powerful a skill is depending on the use

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