Introducing StarSuite from AVMG. This comprehensive set of industry leading offerings provides you with the solutions for your major event technology needs. Bundled together or utilized individually, AVMG can bring to bear the tools your attendees, leadership, sponsors, and exhibitors have come to expect from world-class events. From mobile apps to synchronized content capture, StarSuite will make you shine!

The heart of StarSuite is AVMG’s proprietary AcQuire technology.

StarSuite has four categories of services that are specifically designed to meet the most common and the most innovative needs in the event industry.

  • On-Site Services brings the magic to your event. This category includes kiosks, presentation management, audience response, and much more.
  • Content Services includes all the aspects for capture, record, edit, and distribution of content.
  • Applications are all the talk of the event industry. Mobile Apps can do everything from scheduling the experience at your event to allowing you to communicate on a mass basis. The possible sponsorship opportunities that a StarApp Mobile application can provide have great ROI for your industry partners.
  • Production and Creative Services are the very foundation of AVMG since 1988. Anybody can setup projectors, screens, and lights, but they cannot work with you as an extension of your staff to understand your organization, your attendees, and your event like we can. AVMG and StarSuite - We'll Make You Shine!

No longer do you as an event producer need to go out, find and integrate multiple vendors with multiple pieces of technology. We get it . . . it is all about your event; not the technology that supports it. Make one call to AVMG - we'll bring the technology, so you focus on the event.

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