Imagine the efficiencies of collecting all of your presenters’ collateral online or in the speaker ready room, allowing the speaker to make edits minutes before their presentation and then seamlessly transporting that collateral to the computer in the session room. Powered by AVMG’s proprietary AcQuire technology, StarPresentations makes this all possible through a set of intuitive and cohesive technologies, with benefits to event planners, educational staff, and the presenters themselves.


StarPresentations is intertwined with key services of the StarSuite, including StarConcierge, StarSynch, StarLibraries™ and StarSignage. While utilizing StarPresentations in conjunction with StarConcierge, our staff can monitor the flow of presentations all the way to the point of remote controlling the actual presentation room computer to assist speakers or just check in from time to time. StarPresentations is your one-stop repository for session data.

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