Susan Johnson
1 Session
Tuesday, Oct 6, 2015
9:45 am – 11:15 am
Child Health Issues
Grand B
A child's risk for poor health begins early in life. Recent advances have shown the benefits of breastfeeding beyond simple nutrition, and have highlighted immunological and cognitive advantages to infants and the critical role of the pregnancy-lactation cycle to mothers. This session will enhance practitioners’ skills in educating and communicating evidence based child feeding information including developmental readiness, and responsive feeding, to help children get a healthy start on life. Planned with the Nutrition Educations for the Public DPG.Position and Practice Paper - Promoting and Supporting Breastfeeding

Describe three areas of research related to the advantages of breastfeeding that goes beyond nutrition.

Apply evidence-based knowledge on breastfeeding, developmental readiness, and responsive feeding to inform their practice.

Identify three strategies that can be used in communicating evidence based child feeding information to the public.
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