Megan Kniskern
1 Session
Monday, Oct 5, 2015
3:30 pm –  5:00 pm
Medical Nutrition Therapy
Grand A
Addiction and substance abuse require a specialized understanding of how the addictive mind operates, and exactly how the substances being used impact the body and overall nutrition status. Medication abuse, drug use and alcoholism damage all areas of the body, including the ability to eat 'normally' even with sobriety; the Registered Dietitian provides a key intervention to relieve the acute and long term struggles of the recovery process.Planned with the Behavioral Health Nutrition DPG

Determine the specific dietary deficiencies associated with chronic substance abuse, how they manifest over time, and why they are often overlooked in the traditional addictions treatment model.

Identify prescription and street drugs abused and how those impact appetite, and overall intake, that lead to disordered eating patterns that must be addressed through nutrition therapy for long term recovery success.

Describe the role that adequate nutrition support and education will play in the detoxification process and four nutrition interventions for acute and long term recovery support.
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