Catherine Badgley
1 Session
Monday, Oct 5, 2015
8:00 am –  9:30 am
Food Safety and Agriculture
Grand B
Extinction rates of plants and animals are far greater than natural background rates and are driven primarily by habitat loss. With agriculture the largest use of land by humankind coupled with dietary transitions, many ecosystems are declining. Biodiversity holds not only the key to generating abundant and resilient food systems but also to creating sustainable food systems and improved public health. From climate stabilization to restoring ecosystems, this session will explore the principles and evidence across disciplines that demonstrate how food choices and agroecology can restore biodiversity while creating an abundant and equitable food system.

Define the ways that food choices are linked to habitat structure, ecosystem changes, and biological diversity.

Describe how protein choices are linked to resource utilization and environmental impact.

Articulate three pro-environmental behaviors successfully used in dietetics practice to create healthier food systems.
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