Arielle Carpenter
1 Session
Monday, Oct 5, 2015
8:00 am –  9:30 am
Technology for Practice
Room 205
In the modern and fast moving technology marketplace the savvy RDN must not only stay current with respect to the latest devices and applications but also understand the power of helping patients collect and understand their health data to truly change health behaviors. In this informative session, come get up to speed on the latest research on nutrition tracking technology and gain step by step instructions for a business development model to grow and maintain a thriving private practice or outpatient nutrition care department.

State how the tenant of self efficacy described in Social Cognitive Theory is improved when digital health tracking technology is utilized by RDNs with patients in the outpatient practice setting.

Converse intelligently about the most current digital health tracking technologies, devices and mobile applications in the current market and thus increase professional relevancy for the field of dietetics.

Design a business development strategy to attract and retain clients by improved engagement using digital tracking technology. RDN will be motivated to use applications and technology to examine practice metrics that confirm professional efficacy.
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