Don Ladhoff
1 Session
Sunday, Oct 4, 2015
3:30 pm –  5:00 pm
Leadership, Professional Skills and Career Development
Grand A
Online grocery shopping is growing and there's never been a food trend with greater potential for RDNs. But to understand this space, you need to appreciate its driving business purpose. Online grocery shopping provides unique customer profiles that enable not only targeted marketing but also targeted education. These profiles will give RDNs direct access so that health education can be tailored to meet the real-time and changing needs of consumers and families. This session will help RDNs understand the potential of this opportunity now and as technologies advance.

Name four of the latest developments in online grocery shopping

Explain at least three ways for nutrition educators to add value to the consumer experience in online grocery shopping

Discuss at least two resources to identify future trends in online grocery shopping and how RDNs can extend their expertise to consumers, media and thought leaders
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