Mastering Your Domain: Using Technology to Grow Your Business Online
Tuesday, Oct 6, 2015
8:00 am –  9:30 am
Technology for Practice
Room 104
Enhance your nutrition practice and build your online business by increasing your knowledge of digital technology. Learn how site analytics can increase your understanding of target marketing and how it can impact your nutrition communications strategy; improve your site's SEO to increase referral traffic and gain new visitors and potential clients; and improve your site's overall 'health' to create income through ad networks, affiliate links, referrals, sponsorships and new business.

Identify the benefits and advantages of using blog- and website-based analytics, plugins and digital tools to effectively grow the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist's presence online.

Understand resources available to support blog & website ownership to grow the RDN's private practice or nutrition communications business in order to help motivate behavior change among patients & the public.

Outline the steps for successfully evaluating site metrics & traffic referrals, improving SEO, enhancing content distribution, implementing revenue generation, and leveraging digital technology to grow an online nutrition practice and/or blog.
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