Conducting Nutrition Research Globally: Conducting International RDN Focused Research - Research Symposium Part 2b
Monday, Oct 5, 2015
2:40 pm –  3:50 pm
Global Research and Nutrition
Speakers will discuss the challenges and importance of international research collaborations, nutrition and dietetic focused data collection between countries, and development of international nutrition and dietetic resources for practitioners (field manuals, standardized language translation). Collaborations on systematic reviews and EBPG development will be discuss by representatives from the World Health Organization, National Kidney Foundation, and RDNs leading and participating in mutli-country data collection will present on the unique challenges and possibilities that international research brings to the field of nutrition.

Analyze the values of conducting nutrition research between and across countries

Describe the challenges and barriers of conducting nutrition research in multiple countries

List resources for conducting research in multiple countries
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