Funding for Nutrition Research and Education - New Guidance on Managing Perceived Conflicts
Monday, Oct 5, 2015
8:00 am –  9:30 am
Leadership, Professional Skills and Career Development
Room 207
Funding is necessary in order to conduct nutrition research and provide professional and consumer education. However, funding brings with it a perceived conflicts of interest. Two documents have recently been developed that can provide guidance on this issue so that beneficial programs can be funded while managing conflicts. Session attendees will learn about the goals of the Scientific Integrity Principles, the process of their development, become familiar with the principles, and understand ongoing processes to establish policies which fall under the principles. Attendees will also learn about how a new framework for public private partnerships in nutrition research can be used to design research collaborations for the public good, while leveraging resources. The process of developing this framework, organizations that support the framework and how the framework can be used to move the profession of nutrition forward will be discussed.

Name three of the six principles established in the Academy's Scientific Integrity Principles.

Define three Academy activities related to the Scientific Integrity Principles.

Describe a nutrition research project that could benefit from a public private partnership structure as described by the new framework.
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