How RDNs Can Partner to Improve Patient Outcomes and Decrease Healthcare Costs
Sunday, Oct 4, 2015
3:30 pm –  5:00 pm
Emerging Models of Health Care Delivery and Payment
Room 207
Building effective team-based patient care has been shown to improve patient outcomes and practice efficiency, and decrease health care costs. This session will address the multi-dimensional role of the RDN in the medical neighborhood and highlight successful RDN/MD partnerships. Strategies and business practices to create alliances with MDs and achieve compensation for RDN services in the medical home will be also addressed.

Identify strategies to demonstrate the value of the RDN in population management/medical neighborhood.

List strategies to create alliances with MDs and develop partnerships with key stakeholders in medical neighborhood settings.

Recognize business models that support compensation for RDNs in medical neighborhood settings.
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