Bridging Gaps: How Simulated Learning and Diversity Awareness Promotes Cultural Competency
Sunday, Oct 4, 2015
1:30 pm –  3:00 pm
Diversity & Cultural Competence
Room 209
This session will explore how simulated learning successfully promotes cultural competence and diversity awareness. Attendees will be challenged to assess diverse clients and implement educational simulated strategies in their dietetic curriculum, leaving the session with the resource database and tools to implement effective simulated learning in a culturally competent way. Planned with the Diversity Committee and NDEP Simulated Educator Task Force.

Recall the three teaching models relevant to the provision of cultural competence training and education: knowledge-based, attitude-based and skill-building.

Explain how simulated education is valuable to the enrichment of cultural competence and diversity awareness in student and client learning.

Access the simulation resources on the NDEP portal in order to implement simulation practice into their dietetic education program.
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