2015 Presidents' Lecture: The Changing Landscape in Obesity Prevention and Treatment
Sunday, Oct 4, 2015
1:30 pm –  3:00 pm
Wellness and Prevention
Grand A
Although we are making progress in the prevention and control of obesity, severe obesity has increased in both pediatric and adult patients. Population-based strategies continue to expand, but the caloric deficits achieved by these initiatives will not help those affected by severe obesity. Use of people first language represents an important clinical and public health strategy that is likely to change perceptions of obesity, and shift the debate from obesity as an identity to obesity as a disease. Because the treatment of obesity exceeds the capacity of health care systems, a new paradigm that integrates clinical and community systems will be required.

Adopt people first language to reduce the stigma associated with obesity

Identify new roles and strategies for nutrition, physical activity, and wellness that will emerge from the integration of clinical and community ecosystems

Improve obesity treatment based on recognition of the limits of physical activity and the importance of adverse childhood experiences
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