Innovations To Build Capacity In Dietetic Internship Programs
Sunday, Oct 4, 2015
8:00 am –  9:30 am
Leadership, Professional Skills and Career Development
Grand C
Training future RDNs in the chaotic environment of healthcare is a daily challenge. From maintaining financial solvency to establishing robust preceptor networks that educate and engage future dietitians, dietetic internship directors are change drivers at the grassroots level. This session showcases four programs with innovative strategies to build capacity in both the number of interns and supervised practice networks for clinical, management, business and community practice settings.Planned with the Academy Committee for Professional Development

Identify four strategies that can be used to grow/build a preceptor network within the context of a changing and chaotic healthcare environment

Evaluate supervised practice training opportunities with win-win outcomes for the intern and the host location

Assess how to position supervised practice program expansion for sustainability
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